Textbooks from NSF Intitiatives

POC Cover The "MATCH" Program
The Practice of Chemistry, Sapling Learning Edition
ISBN: 978-1-943405-22-0
Co-authors: Sharon Gislason and Sheila McNicholas
WWC Cover The Chemical Professional
Lab Program

Working with Chemistry, 2nd Ed.
ISBN: 0-7167-9607-4
This is out of print as an independent volume. But many of the labs are available through custom publishing with Macmillan. Co-authors: Sharon Gislason and Julie Ellefson

Current Projects

Development and Implementation of the MORE Pedagogy in Introductory Organic and Biochemistry Labs
MORE Image Collaborators: Ginevra Clark (PI), Lianne Schroeder, Patrick Daubenmire, Maripat King.
J. Chem. Educ. 2016, 93, 1353-1363.
J. Chem. Educ. 2017, 94, 1102-1106.
NSF INCLUDES: A Community Centered Approach to Improving STEM Pathways for Underrepresented Students
INCLUDES Water Kit Collaborators: Kimberly Lawless (PI), Jermiah Abiade (co-PI), Aixa Alfonso (co-PI), Ludwig Nitsche (co-PI), Lisa Lynn, Miguel Alvelo-Rivera, Melanie Snow, Bernie Santasiero, Carol Fendt.

UIC Includes

Assessment Literacy for the Next Generation Science Standards
NSF-DRL-1561550 SEP Poster Collaborators: Jim Pellegrino (co-PI), Susan Goldman (co-PI), Brian Gane, Monica Ko, Ray Kang, Laura Zeller
ACS General Chemistry Performance Expectations Workshop
Collaborators: Ashley Donovan (ACS), Sam Pazicni (UNH), Peggy Harbol (Cascadia), Mike Adams (Xavier), Kristen Murphy (UW-Milwaukee) Wayne Jones (UNH).

GCPE Process Slide

Former Projects (partial list)

ISCC (Integrated Science Course Curriculum) & The Chemical World
NATS Painting Collaborators: Maria Varelas (PI), Stacy Wenzel, Mary Ashley, Roy Plotnick, Marlynne Nishimura, Jeong-Hye Hwang Choe (UIC), Julie Ellefson (Harper College), Dana Perry, Mike Davis (HWC), Yvonne Harris (Truman College) & Co.
Feminist Teacher, 2009, 19, 31-46.
SKIT / GK-12
SKIT Flower Collaborators / co-PIs: Stacy Wenzel, Maria Varelas, Aixa Alfonso, Roy Plotnick, Tom Moher, Marlynne Nishmura
CASPiE: The Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education NSF-CHE-0418902
CASPIE Collaborators: Gabriela Weaver (PI), Pratibha Varma-Nelson (co-PI), Cianán B. Russell & Co.
Nature Chemical Biology, 2016, 93, 1353-1363.
Journal Publications with CASPiE Original Research (selected):
Mark W. Majewski, Scott A. Pollack and Veronica A. Curtis-Palmer (NEIU),Tetrahedron Letters, 2009, 37, 5175-5177.
David P. Dickson, Christine Toh, Menaka Lunda, Maria V. Yermolina, Duncan J. Wardrop and Chad L. Landrie (UIC), J. Org. Chem., 2009, 74, 9535–9538.
Student Understandings of Solutions
NSF-DUE-0736791 Solutions Tetrahedron Collaborators: Susan Goldman (co-PI), Jim Pellegrino (co-PI), Stephanie Cunningham Ryan, Matt Lira, Lianne Schroeder
The Chicago Transformation Teacher Institutes (CTTI)

Collaborators: Chicago Public Schools: John Loehr
UIC: Dean Grosshandler, John Baldwin
Loyola University: Stacy Wenzel, David Slavsky
DePaul University: Lynn Narasimhan, David Jabon
IIT: Norman Lederman
Northwestern Univeristy: Steven McGee
CPS-Instructional Delivery System (IDS) "Science Inquiry to Build Content"
IDS Logo Supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chicago Public Schools 2006-2010
Collaborators-David Slavsky, Rachel Shefner, Patrick Daubenmire, Adam Tarnoff (Loyola University Chicago) & Co.